Q&A: Arctic Power

Can you describe Arctic Power in your own words?

The berry powders are definitely something that we use ourselves everyday. And that’s how we will always keep it. No added sugars, flavouring or filters. The best part (right after the fact that the powders have been made with wildly grown berries) is the convenience. Because we use nearly a kilo of fresh berries to make each 70 gram bag, the powder is very concentrated. A teaspoon is equivalent to a handful of fresh berries and the easiest way to add nutrients and vitamins to meals and drinks in a food form. 

Who are the founders?

Eve and Anna, childhood friends from Finnish Lapland. We  met the first day of primary school and have been best buddies since. We have lived in three different continents before settling down to lively London. We never argue, and when we found ourselves running a business we decided that we will always value our friendship over the berries. So if there ever would be an argument, we would flush down the berries and be friends 🙂 We have different educational backgrounds which balances our cooperation perfectly; Anna does all the counting, accounts etc and Eve is the more creative one looking after the design, recipes etc. 

What was the spark behind starting Arctic Power?

When we moved to London we couldn’t find good quality berries anywhere. So each time we travelled back to Finland to see our families we would smuggle suitcase full of berry powders with us back to London. Then one evening we started questioning that maybe other Scandinavians might  miss the berries too. (I guess once you explore the quality of wild berries, it’s hard to purchase those pesticide sprayed ones that are shipped from the other side of the world) Wild berries have a very intense flavour and studies show that they can have up to three times the nutrients of cultivated berries. At the start we thought we would just send a few parcels now and then from home to people but turned out there was a lot more demand for them. We never thought that we would become full-time entrepreneurs but here we are.

What is the mission, the ethos, the purpose? 

Well, we both really appreciate nature and doing things outdoors. It’s deep in our own values and then naturally links to Arctic Power Berries. We would never operate on an unsustainable base and always seek for the most eco-friendly alternative. Also because our berries grow wild in the clean, unpolluted, pristine Finnish forests, we want them to stay that way. Also, we really wish that we can truly help people to eat better and feel well. The best kind of customer feedback is always the ones saying how much our products have helped them to stay well etc. We have had few situations when someone has enquired us to  make the product cheaper by adding cheaper filters but as mentioned above, we would not never do it. We believe there are people out there who value that decision over cheaper price.

What are the benefits of your products? What makes them unique?

As mentioned it’s the fact that they are hand-picked from the pristine, unpolluted forests where they get to grow wild under the 24 hour Midnight Sun. They are high in antioxidants, vitamins, fibre and taste! We also must mention the ease of using them: little stir into natural yogurt, a sprinkle of cereal or a spoonful to smoothie. They are also suitable for the whole family. Just two weeks ago we received an email saying their kids demand purple porridge every morning and do not eat it without blueberry powder anymore.

What is your favourite recipe for your products?

Anna: I eat porridge nearly every morning so I often sprinkle either Sea buckthorn or Lingonberry (they are my favs) on top with little splash of honey and sliced banana. As a snack, Greek yogurt with blueberry powder and scoop of nut butter does the job. Eve: I make a lot of smoothies. Sometimes even two to three a day. My boyfriend calls me smoothie-freak but I must admit I’m pretty good at them. I always add berry powders, sometimes even all five of them, into the mix. I also often make nice-creams and banana pancakes with a berry twist. 

What is the vision for Arctic Power in 5 year’s time?

Hopefully our berries are available to more people and we get to do what we have done so far. We really enjoy what we do so no rush to see where life will take us in five years time.

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