Q&A: The Curators

Can you describe The Curators in your own words?

The Curators are a snacks brand born to bring the restaurant experience and taste into peoples snacking and homes. We love food ourselves, and want to bring the incredibly flavours from around the world into our products, and offer customers the most exciting and unique snacks on the market.

Who are the founders?

Max Rees & Ed Hauck. Max was previously at both Metcalfes & GU, whereas Ed comes from a Sales background from the likes of Suso and L’Oreal. They met over several steak dinners, where their joint love of food was discovered, and the idea of The Curators was born.

What was the spark behind starting The Curators?

Put simply, a passion for food. We felt that the products in supermarkets just were not bringing the same level of excitement as the wider food market, and wanted to change that. Whether it be in snacks, frozen or chilled, we want to excite customers by flavour and quality.

What is the mission, the ethos, the purpose? 

The mission is to bring foodie flair to serious snacking. Allowing consumers to enjoy their food, at the same time as nourishing their body with nutritious food. A collective of flavour fanatics led by food-loving friends, Max and Ed, seeking taste inspiration from around the globe to give our premium British-made snacks a truly mouth-watering twist.

What are the benefits of your products? What makes them unique?

We like to think that our products are unique for 3 reasons. They are not only delicious and innovative, but also high in protein and low in carbohydrates, giving them an incredibly rounded set of benefits.

What is the vision for The Curators in 5 years time?

In 5 years time, we would love to be a household name, known for producing the most innovative, unique and tastiest snacks in the market.

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